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Our Start

Lorient was founded out of 1871 in Chicago - the #1 private business incubator in the world.

We were surrounded by some of the greatest innovators, and it’s the place where we honed our craft & learned everything we know. The impact 1871 had on us is immeasurable.

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Our Growth

After nearly 6 years with 1871, Lorient went remote & expanded while on Remote Year. Traveling through the world with a group of digital nomads we built a talented, and diverse, team of advertisers, content creators & web developers.
This experience shaped our identity & the work we do. We are not one dimensional, and our body of work includes working with a wide array of companies outside the research space.

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Our Home

In November of 2022, Lorient was accepted into MATTER – a global healthcare startup incubator, community nexus and corporate innovation accelerator headquartered in Chicago.

Together, we are mobilizing a community of entrepreneurs, industry innovators, scientists and clinicians committed to improving health and care for every patient.

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